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  • CLME+ Partnership Membership Pledge

  • Phone Number
  • E-mail from the primary contact
    • Subscribes to the long-term vision for the CLME+ region, articulated in full under the 10-year CLME+ Strategic Action Programme (CLME+ SAP) as: “healthy marine ecosystems that are adequately valued and protected through robust, integrative and inclusive governance arrangements at regional, sub-regional, national and local levels, which in turn effectively enable adaptive management that maximizes, in a sustainable manner, the provision of goods and services in support of enhanced livelihoods and human well-being”;

    • Commits to support implementation of the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, in particular (but not limited to) incremental progress towards Sustainable Development Goal 14 and its associated targets, as these apply to the CLME+ region;
    • Pledges to actively contribute to the improved health of the marine ecosystems in the CLME+ region and the sustainable use and/or protection of associated living resources, as well as to support, and/or undertake actions, to ensure the continuity of essential ecosystem services provided by the region’s marine environment;
    • Acknowledges that the document “Terms of Reference for the Global Partnership for the Sustainable Management, Use and Protection of the Caribbean and North Brazil Shelf Large Marine Ecosystems” (hereinafter also referred to in short as “ToRs”), and any further revisions and amendments thereof made by the Core Membership, establish and specify the general conditions that govern the Membership and operations of the CLME+ Partnership;
    • Agrees to become a Subscribing Member of the CLME+ Partnership, and hereby commits (subject to the terms of the ToRs) to engage, actively support and/or collaborate with the Core Membership and other Subscribing Members towards the achievement of the Partnership’s Mission, Goal and Objectives;
    • Accepts, as a Subscribing Member and in the context of this Membership, to respect and act in accordance with these ToRs;
    • Understands that the CLME+ Partnership is based on the principles of “interactive governance”, and that the Partnership relies on the spirit of mutual trust and respect, and on open dialogue as well as on collaboration among multiple stakeholders for the fulfilment of its mission, and the achievement of its goal and objectives;
    • Commits to this spirit and shared values;
    • Confirms that the information provided in this form is correct, and further commits to inform the CLME+ Partnership Secretariat of any changes relating to the provided information.
  • Special conditions: Please specify here below any special conditions (not covered by the CLME+ Partnership ToRs nor the standardized text of this Subscription Form) to which your Subscription would be subject. These special conditions may complement, but should not contradict the Partnership ToRs or the standardized content of this Subscription Form:
  • Special Conditions
    • Note # 1: please note that the Contact Information provided in this form may be used by the CLME+ Partnership Secretariat for display on the CLME+ Partnership website and/or products emanating from CLME+ Partnership activities in which you/your organization participates. In case you do not wish any of this information to be used for these purposes without your further explicit permission, please inform the CLME+ Partnership Secretariat

    • Note # 2: Subscribing members are requested to upload their institutional logo so that it can be displayed on the CLME+ Partnership website and/or incorporated in materials that publicize the composition and work of the CLME+ Partnership. Use of your institutional logo by the CLME+ Partnership Secretariat and/or any of its members shall not be in contradiction with: (1) the ToRs of the CLME+ Partnership, (2) the additional special conditions specified by you under this Form and accepted by the Secretariat. By uploading your institutional logo you agree to such uses, subject to the aforementioned conditions and any additional conditions specified below

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