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Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries (FAO)

The Committee on Fisheries (COFI) at its Nineteenth Session in March 1991 called for the development of new concepts which would lead to responsible, sustained fisheries. Subsequently, the International Conference on Responsible Fishing, held in 1992 in Cancûn (Mexico) further requested FAO to prepare an international Code of Conduct to address these concerns.

Year: 1991
Author: FAO
Keywords: fisheries, Working Group
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Recreational Fisheries Economic Impact Assessment Manual And Its Application in Two Study Cases In The Caribbean: Martinique And Bahamas

The paper presents a manual to assess the economic impact of recreational fisheries and its application in two Caribbean countries: The Bahamas and Martinique. The manual was developed with the assistance from the Gertner Consulting Group and the WECAFC/OPESCA/ CRFM/ CFMC working group on recreational fisheries. This manual is intended to help countries better understand the size and contributions from recreation fishing to their economies. The results are meant to explain the economic impacts at the national and regional level.

Year: 2016
Author: Southwick, R., Maycock, D., Bouaziz, M.
Keywords: case study, fisheries
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ToR Recreational Fisheries

To date no abstract has been uploaded for this document

Year: 2017
Keywords: Recreational Fisheries
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