This CLME+ is a portal designed to harness global knowledge, resources and tools in the one convenient place to support the achievement of the Caribbean and North Brazil Shelf (CLME+) Vision and Strategic Action Programme (SAP) initiatives. The HUB has been designed to accommodate the information needs of a wide variety of CLME+ stakeholders including members of the general public to LME Practitioners.
It is intended to be:
  • a platform to be owned and used by Members of the CLME+ partnership
  • awareness building for the broader public
  • platform to support the achievement of the CLME+ vision and SAP objectives, SDGs in the CLNE+ region etc.
  • source of information / documents and tools
  • gateway to network to partner websites
  • Overview of the state of the marine environment, tracking of efforts
  • central portal to access all related news

The benefits from having a central information LME portal for the CLME+ region include the follows:
  • help facilitate avenues for global partnerships and financial support over a longer period of time, allowing for deeper more significant and lasting results;
  • facilitate data/knowledge access and sharing;
  • enable a sustainable and extensive research base, tools and methods for capitalizing results;
  • increase scientific and governance excellence among all LME practitioners;
  • enable the transfer of critical knowledge specific to the CLME+ region to other regions and vice versa;
  • facilitate innovative measures in addressing unique issues in CLME+ marine governance;
  • enhanced communication and visibility throughout the CLME+ region;
  • deliver knowledge for policy making, anticipate scientific, financial and technological needs and provide efficient support for strategic and political decision-making.
As an information management decision making tool for LME practitioners, the HUB will progressively expand with a range of tools designed to assist in the better planning and management of the CLME+ including for example dynamic linkages to the Caribbean Marine Atlas (CMA2) Geonode, OHI, knowledge and learning portal (IW and LME Learn) and other marine related governance portals.

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