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State of Marine Environment and Associated Economies (SOMEE) Report


The State of the Marine Environment and Associated Economies (SOMEE) is an integrated reporting mechanism owned by the countries and members of the Coordination Mechanism for Ocean Governance in the Wider Caribbean/CLME+ region. The Coordination Mechanism was established in 2017.  Its members consist of the 8 regional organizations with a core mandate on the marine environment.  Together with the SOMEE, the aim is to institutionalize a collaborative approach to monitoring the status of the marine environment and its contributions to the sustainable blue economy.

Ultimately, the SOMEE report will serve as a long-term decision-support tool that will help enable policy coordination across the ocean governance organizations of the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and North Brazil Shelf Large Marine Ecosystems.

A prototype of the CLME+ SOMEE report will be launched in 2021. For an introduction to this unique assessment, please check out the SOMEE booklet (versión en español) and what is available online through the side menu for demonstration purposes only.

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SOMEE content is still under development and is therefore not yet available online. However, you can already check for sample text and materials under the sections in blue text

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