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CLME+ country engagement in IGO’s, MEA’s and international Projects OLD

CLME+ country engagement in IGO’s, MEA’s and international Projects

By providing you with a series of interactive maps, the CLME+ Hub allows you to explore which countries are engaged in each of a number of multi-country, collaborative arrangements relevant to marine resources governance and management – be these Inter-Governmental Organizations (IOG’s), Multi-lateral Environmental Agreements (MEA’s) or International Projects.

This page has 3 sections:


  • Click on the dropdown menu at the top left side of each interactive map to select and visualize the collaborative arrangement of your choice.
  • Click on to display the map legend.
  • Bear with us! In the future we will also provide an option to export all information in table (spreadsheet) format…

    Membership of Inter-Governmental Organizations (IGO’s)


    Countries of the Wider Caribbean are members to a wide variety of Inter-Governmental Organizations (IGO’s) and other Cooperation Arrangements.

    The below dynamic map shows the regional membership for a number of these Organizations, Arrangements and Groupings


    Engagement in Multi-Lateral Environmental Agreements (MEA’s)


    Countries have also ratified and/or acceeded to a substantial number of international treaties and other collaborative agreements.

    Use the below map to find out which countries from the region are parties to these different agreements


    International Projects & participating countries


    A large number of projects are being implemented in the Wider Caribbean in support of the region’s long-term Vision of “achieving a healthy marine environment that enhances the livelihoods and the well-being of the Peoples of the region (and beyond)”.

    Check the below map to find out which countries participate in these different projects


    To learn more about these projects and how they contribute to the CLME+ SAP and other regional and global environmental and sustainable development commitments, visit our Projects Database under the “Projects and Initiatives” section of the Hub

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