A discussion paper for the CLME Project Concept/ TDASynthesis Workshop - CLME+ HUB

A discussion paper for the CLME Project Concept/ TDASynthesis Workshop

The purpose of this outline document is to develop a shared vision for the Full Sized Project which is key an objective of the PDF-B project. Reviewing the Concept Paper the key features of the Full Sized Project are: - Through the mechanism of the Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis, to characterise and analyse the root and underlying causes of transboundary issues relating to the management of marine resources in the CLME and develop and agree on a Strategic Action Programme to address those causes (component 2 TDA). - Compilation and sharing of existing sources of information required for good governance of marine resources, and identification and filling of knowledge gaps (component 2 TDA). - Establishing a culture of networking and cooperation among the countries for management of marine resources, focusing on existing institutions and structures rather than creating new ones (component 3. SAP development). - Establishment of a monitoring and evaluation framework for the environmental’ status of the CLME in line with the ecosystem management approach and SAP implementation (component 3 SAP development). - Create successes that serve as examples of how countries can collaborate to manage transboundary marine resources through ‘Strengthening by doing’ (component 4 Demonstration projects)

Year: 2007
Author: Turner, T
Keywords: Large Marine Ecosystems, LME
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