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Blue Economy Scoping Study for Dominica

Following the devastating hurricane that struck the island of Dominica in 2017, the Government of Dominica is focusing on the development of a long-term strategy to become the world’s first Climate Resilient country. In this regard, the Government has signalled its desire to integrate the Blue Economy into future resilience building initiatives. The United Nations Development Programme is supporting them in this aspiration and is extending technical support to Dominica to explore options to integrate the blue economy into its broader resilience building activities. This report, prepared on behalf of UNDP, underpins this technical support and represents the first two of three deliverables under the UNDP programme of assistance, namely: a Stocktake; and a National Diagnostic Analysis. The purpose of these outputs is to provide both UNDP and the Government of Dominica with some understanding of the possible opportunities that the blue economy presents. They provide an overview of current context and opportunities, a technical analysis of impediments, and makes recommendations for ways forward.

Year: 2018
Author: Roberts, J.
Keywords: blue economy
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