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Business Case: Investing in Grenada’s Yellowfin Tuna Exports

The relatively high incidence of billfish mortality in Grenadian fishing landings and the overall poor health of billfish stocks harvested in the region demonstrates a need for an urgent reduction in incidental billfish landings and mortality. Extensive research and analysis based on 2018 Fishery Performance Indicators (FPIs) indicate that the yellowfin tuna (YFT) export fishery in Grenada may provide the necessary triple-bottom line opportunities to use a parallel approach1 to address billfish mortality and achieve improved fisheries management. This may be achieved by increasing tuna quality and values for fishers, exporters and the government. At the same time, it is expected that the pressure on the billfish stocks will be reduced through investments to change gear, practices and technology. The increase in tuna quality and reduction in billfish landings is not expected to negatively impact subsistence fishing.

Year: 2018
Author: FAO/Wilderness Market/CI/CLME+
Keywords: case study, investment
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