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CLME Project Document

The Sustainable Management of the Shared Marine Resources of the Caribbean Large Marine Ecosystem (CLME) and Adjacent Regions Project or CLME Project was 5-year project funded by GEF where causal chain analyses were developed, resulting in the identification of weaknesses in transboundary and cross-sectoral governance arrangements as the over-arching root cause for the 3 key transboundary problems. If better articulated and coordinated among each other, and more strongly tied to a solid and enhanced regional governance framework, a substantial increase of the positive impacts of the many ongoing and newly planned efforts in the region could be achieved. 聽During the CLME Project, a 鈥10-year CLME+ Strategic Action Programme for the Sustainable Management of the shared Living Marine Resources of the Caribbean and North Brazil Shelf Large Marine Ecosystems鈥 (the 鈥淐LME+ 聽SAP鈥) was developed and politically endorsed by over 20 CLME+ 聽States)

Year: 2009
Author: UNDP
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