CLME Suggested Priority Actions - Regional Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis - CLME+ HUB

CLME Suggested Priority Actions – Regional Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis

This document is designed to bridge the work of the TDA with the SAP development. It provides preliminary ideas for inclusion in the SAP but clearly it is the expectation that the SAP formulation will undertake detailed reviews and assessments of alternatives for further action. The expected actions will address short, medium and long-term requirements to address the causes of the transboundary problems identified in this TDA. It also should be emphasised that this Regional TDA provides a summary of the details included in the three fisheries ecosystem TDAs and these latter documents (together with the Governance Analysis report) will be the main sources of reference for formulating the SAP.

Year: 2011
Author: CERMES
       9                          Report issue

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