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From Coast to Coast – Celebrating 20 years of Transboundary Management of Our Shared Oceans

Covering over 70% of the planet, our oceans have tremendous economic, social and ecological value. They provide over US$1 trillion annually to the world economy in market goods and services and many times that in non-market amenities. Services provided by marine ecosystems include food security, tourism opportunities, carbon sequestration and coastal protection. Recognizing the critical need for global action to ensure the sustainability of our oceans, the Global Environment Facility (GEF) has provided tremendous support to ocean governance. Since its establishment over 24 years ago, the GEF, the largest investor in transboundary water cooperation, has financed over US$1.5B in grants to over 170 states. This publication highlights how the GEF has worked with partners to improve ocean governance by working across nations to promote ecosystem-based approaches to fisheries and other marine and coastal resources, protect coastal habitats from land based sources of pollution, and catalyze the formation of country driven, country owned and 鈥 ultimately 鈥 country financed regional institutional frameworks.

Author: GEF
Keywords: marine habitats
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