Mainstreaming Gender Equality in Caribbean Fisheries - Final Narrative Report - CLME+ HUB

Mainstreaming Gender Equality in Caribbean Fisheries – Final Narrative Report

The Mainstreaming Gender Equality in Fisheries in the Caribbean project aimed to improve sustainable fisheries for women and girls and other vulnerable populations in the Caribbean, in order to advance gender issues, decent work and youth involvement in sustainable development of fisheries. This is in compliance with the policy statement issued at the 8th Special Meeting of the Ministerial Council of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism, whereat: 鈥渢he Council accepted that international and national norms regarding issues pertaining to gender, youth, and decent work be adhered to, and be incorporated into all CRFM policies, protocols, programmes and plans鈥. UNDP utilised resources from Global Affairs Canada, through the existing agreement for the CLME+ Flyingfish subproject, with CRFM as a delivery mechanism. This gender mainstreaming initiative will benefit the fisheries sector of the 17 CRFM Member States, specifically fisherfolk, national fisheries agencies and regional organisations charged with supporting fisheries management development in those countries.

Year: 2020
Author: CRFM
Keywords: Gender Mainstreaming
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