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Manual centroamericano para la medición de carbono azul en manglares

The content of this manual is designed to provide technical staff from national and local governments and organizations with methodological recommendations based on international principles of good practice to fully quantify blue carbon stocks in mangroves (on the ground, under the ground, roots, regeneration, fallen wood, herbaceous). The manual first describes how to design an inventory and select the sample, then details the steps of the fieldwork from a practical perspective. In addition, it details the laboratory procedures needed to perform chemical analysis on soil and plant tissue samples from mangroves and devotes a section to describing the calculations to be made with the data collected.  It also develops a section on steps to model land use/cover in marine-coastal areas, before concluding by providing recommendations to facilitate the incorporation of blue carbon data into national processes. To illustrate these elements, we include examples from work in different parts of the region.

Year: 2018
Author: Cifuentes, M., Brenes, C., Leandro, P., Molina, O., Romero, T., Torres, D., Velásquez, S.
Keywords: blue carbon
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