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Marine Pollution in the Caribbean: Not a Minute to Waste

This report provides an assessment of the status and impacts of marine pollution in the Caribbean and provides recommendations to enhance the region’s resilience as it steers toward the Blue Economy. The report compiles data and findings on marine pollution from a variety of sources and publications to provide meaningful guidance to policy and decision makers in the WCR, especially Caribbean SIDS and donor partners supporting the post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda. It highlights the major socio-economic, health, and ecological impacts of marine pollution, and provides an assessment of the main marine pollutants in the region including marine and coastal litter, untreated wastewater, and agricultural run-off. Industrial pollution and waste from shipping are not widely documented in the region but potentially important, and thus are included in the report. The main regional policy frameworks, initiatives and programs relevant to marine pollution management are also described, followed by a 12-point agenda for addressing the challenges in support of a strong and productive Caribbean Blue Economy.  

Year: 2019
Author:  Diez, S.M., Patil, P.G., Morton, J., Rodriguez, D.J., Vanzella, A., Robin, D.V., Maes, T., Corbin, C.
Keywords: marine habitats
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