National Intersectoral Coordination Mechanisms (NICs) Final Report - CLME+ HUB

National Intersectoral Coordination Mechanisms (NICs) Final Report

Sustainable governance of marine resources is dependent, in part, on understanding the full range of services provided, how they are linked and identifying all the relevant stakeholders and their capacities. Therefore, assessment tools and supporting governance mechanisms should be in place. There is a need for more empirical evidence to demonstrate actual benefits that can be derived from having multi-stakeholder, multi-sector governance structures. Intersectoral coordination is perceived to be critical to the development and sustainable management of coastal and marine ecosystems. The CLME+ Project recognises the importance of and need for national-level intersectoral coordination within the CLME+ region, in order to achieve national, regional and international goals. This report outlines the status of national intersectoral coordination mechanisms (NICs), highlighting notable progress (i.e. confirming NICs exists and their establishment or strengthening)

Year: 2019
Author: CERMES
       11                          Report issue

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