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NBS State of Mangroves in Guyana

The study of mangroves has become increasingly popular in Guyana. There are notable studies that have been done on mangrove species and on the mangrove ecosystems as a whole. However, due to the dynamics and vastness of these ecosystems, mangrove research is much more than meets the eye. This report examined the state of mangroves in Guyana including completed, ongoing, and planned research projects. Though there have been fragmented reports of mangroves existing in Guyana as early as the 1800s, there is a serious lack of anecdotal and empirical evidence to support this and the situations that existed then. From the synthesis study, it was also noted that there were satisfactory attempts to examine the avifauna of mangrove forests, along with fish assemblages. Additionally, there were valiant attempts to assess the relationship between mangroves and climate change, and factors affecting mangrove forests, particularly sedimentation. The economic valuation of mangrove forests is almost non-existent locally, so this is a priority and crucial point for research. The scope for advanced research in all the areas discussed in this report is wide and once research gaps are disseminated, there is a large possibility of filling these gaps over a period of time.

Year: 2018
Author: Conservation International
Keywords: mangroves
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