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NBS Mangrove Project: Nature Based Solutions

Natural ecosystems provide a host of benefits to local communities and national economies, and if managed correctly, they can also provide coastal flood protection from damaging surge and wave hazards. This report builds the knowledge base to support successful implementation of nature-based solutions in the NBS-LME region within a regional framework. Key topics presented in this report include:聽 An overview of the sea level rise scenarios to be considered; an account and quantification of the influence of geomorphology and mangrove species composition in reducing storm surge and stabilizing sediment; and a 聽review of known environmental and anthropogenic factors that influence mangrove condition and associated flood risk. Also, an overview of a Coastal Vulnerability and Adaptation Framework and Coastal Vulnerability Consequence Index to identify local-and regional-scale vulnerabilities to coastal hazards; quantification of geologic and coastal processes leading to coastal vulnerability; an overview of nature-based (green) and engineered (gray) solutions; an evaluation of costs and discussion of cost-benefits for implementing nature-based solutions; existing tools and models to support detailed coastal evaluations in support of nature-based shoreline solutions for coastal protection; and an identification of data gap and next steps to complete the Coastal Vulnerability and Adaptation Framework for the NBS-LME.

Year: 2019
Author: Conservation International
Keywords: mangroves
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