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NBS Mangrove Project: Regional Biophysical Review

This report provides a synthesis of current understanding of the physical processes and hydrodynamic mechanisms that support mangrove development across the NBS. This synthesis is intended as a key technical input to orientate planning and awareness building for conservation and restoration measures across the mangrove forests of the NBS region and as a means to explore development options in the region that conserve (vs disrupt) natural processes. It aims to ensure the sustainable use and providence of critical ecosystem goods and services (e.g. natural heritage, fisheries, carbon storage and coastal defenses to local communities). The focal area is Guyana and Suriname, with reference to the neighboring and connected mangrove systems of Brazil (Amap谩 State) and French Guiana. It includes a description of the factors that shape mangrove environments, the hydrodynamic and physical processes essential to mangrove environments and the feedback processes that maintain mangrove environments.

Year: 2019
Author: Conservation International
Keywords: mangroves
       9                          Report issue

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