Regional Code of Conduct for Caribbean Fisheries 2020-2025 - CLME+ HUB

Regional Code of Conduct for Caribbean Fisheries 2020-2025

The regional code of conduct was formulated by the board members of the CNFO, with input from their membership, in an effort to increase participatory application of EAF. This may be achieved by enhancing ecosystem stewardship for fisheries sustainability. This code sets out principles and standards of behaviour to ensure the well-being of fisherfolk through sustainable use, management, and development of both marine and freshwater living aquatic resources in the Caribbean. The objectives of this code are: (a) to promote the contribution of SSF to an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable future for the Caribbean; (b) to enhance ecosystem stewardship for fisheries sustainability; DFMR, Anguilla (c) to provide guidance for the development and implementation of participatory policies, strategies and legal frameworks for the enhancement of responsible and sustainable small-scale fisheries; and (d) to enhance public awareness and promote the advancement of knowledge on the culture, role, contribution and potential of SSF, considering traditional knowledge, and related constraints and opportunities.

Year: 2020
Author: CNFO
Keywords: Ecosystem Based Management, fisheries, governance
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