Science and Research Serving Effective Ocean Governance in the Wider Caribbean Region (GCFI) - CLME+ HUB

Science and Research Serving Effective Ocean Governance in the Wider Caribbean Region (GCFI)

This report is intended to identify priority research topics and information gaps from the perspective of decisionmakers. Ultimately, the goal is that this information will be useful for identifying those areas of research that provides the greatest value in developing effective and implementable policy. A hierarchical approach was employed to develop research topics. First, specific themes were identified that encompass a wide range of activities. These themes go beyond the focus of many research agendas in that they do not deal solely with the natural sciences; other themes were considered that are needed for effective policy development and implementation (e.g., communications, governance, economics). The themes are further subdivided into goals. The research topics fall within the goals. This provided a holistic approach that addresses the gaps in information from the wide range of activities that decision-makers must consider. The final version will be uploaded accordingly.

Year: 2020
Author: GCFI
Keywords: fisheries, governance, Habitat, pollution, Science and Research
       17                          Report issue

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