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The Biodiversity Informatics Landscape: Elements, Connections and Opportunities

There are a multitude of biodiversity informatics projects, datasets, databases and initiatives at the global level, and many more at regional, national, and sometimes local levels. In such a complex landscape, it can be unclear how different elements relate to each other. Based on a high-level review of global and European-level elements, we present a map of the biodiversity informatics landscape. This is a first attempt at identifying key datasets/databases and data services, and mapping them in a way that can be used to identify the links, gaps and redundancies in the landscape.

Year: 2017
Author:  Bingham, H.,Doudin, M.,Weatherdon, L., Despot-Belmonte, K.,Wetzel, F., Groom, Q.,Lewis, E., Regan, E, Appeltans, W., Güntsch, A.,Mergen, P.,Agosti, D.,Penev, L.,Hoffmann, A.,Saarenmaa, H., Gary Geller , Kidong Kim , HyeJin Kim , Anne-Sophie Archambeau , Christoph Häuser , Dirk S Schmeller , Ilse Geijzendorffer , Antonio García Camacho , Carlos Guerra , Tim Robertson , Veljo Runnel , Nils Valland , Corinne S Martin |,« » ˄ ˅ ¦ ˀ ˁ ˁ ₵ ℓ ₰ ₱ ₳ ₴ ₣ ₮ ₦ ‡
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