The conservation status of marine bony shorefishes of the Greater Caribbean - CLME+ HUB

The conservation status of marine bony shorefishes of the Greater Caribbean

The greater Caribbean biogeographic region covered in this report (representing 38 countries and territories) encompasses an outstanding marine bony shorefish richness of approximately 1,360 species, with many (53%) being endemic. This report provides an overview of the conservation status of greater Caribbean shorefishes, with detailed information available through the IUCN Red List, and gives recommendations.

Year: 2017
Author: C. Linardich, G. Ralph, K. Carpenter, N. Cox, D.R. Robertson, H. Harwell, A. Acero P., W. Anderson Jr., F. Barthelat, J.-L. Bouchereau, J. J. Brown, J. Buchanan, D. Buddo, B. Collette, M. Comeros-Raynal, M. Craig, M. Curtis, T. Defex, J. Dooley, W. Driggers III, C. Elfes Livsey, T. Fraser, R. Gilmore Jr., L. Grijalba, A. Hines, R. Kishore, K. Lindeman, J.-P. Maréchal, J. McEachran, R. McManus, J. Moore, T. Munroe, H. Oxenford, F. Pezold, F. Pina Amargós, A. Polanco Fernandez, B. Polidoro, C. Pollock, R. Robins, B. Russell, C. Sayer, S. Singh-Renton, W. Smith-Vaniz, L. Tornabene, J. Van Tassell, J.-C. Vié, and J. T. William
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