Wastewater: From Waste to Resource - The Case of New Cairo, Egypt - CLME+ HUB

Wastewater: From Waste to Resource – The Case of New Cairo, Egypt

The Arab Republic of Egypt is a water-scarce country. Most of the country is desert, with the exception of the corridor of urban development along the Nile River and the Mediterranean Sea. Population growth in Egypt’s main urban areas prompted the Government of Egypt (GoE) to encourage the growth of new urban centers to alleviate overcrowding and pressure. Out of necessity, these new centers were located further away from the Nile River. The harsh environmental conditions of the location, combined with the low level of infrastructure present in these areas, have created a potential barrier to the successful establishment of the new cities. One avenue to address these concerns is the rationalization of water use in the new cities, such as by recycling wastewater for use as irrigation for agriculture.

Year: 2018
Author: The World Bank
Keywords: case study
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