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WECAFC Regional Data Sharing and Access Policies

WECAFC member countries recognized in the 1970s and 1980s that without the necessary data and information, it would be impossible for the countries in the region to manage their shared fisheries. Following major investments by the countries, with support from the Danish Government (DANIDA) capacity building projects and the FAO/Norway EEZ programme (1982 -1985), the availability of data and information on the status of the stocks and the fisheries improved significantly. The proposed WECAFC data management and related Regional Data Sharing and Access Policies respond to international and regional data strategies including, in a context of multiple reporting requirements, the need for streamline data reporting, as well as collaboration and harmonization among RFBs and other national and regional institutions involved in improving the state of marine resources (WECAFC-CRFM-OSPESCA MoU) and that of the marine environment (SAP). Fostering public awareness while providing access to the underlying scientific evidence, and involving stakeholders in the collection and ownership of data processes feature high in those strategies, described below.

Year: 2018
Author: Laurent, Y.
       3                          Report issue

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