Inventory of Investors

Existing and Potential Sustainable Blue Economy Investors in the CLME+ Project Area

Tier 1 Prospect

(Strong alignment between CLME+ objectives and a) current focal sectors of an entity or institution; as well as b) geographic scope of operations, i.e. emphasis on LAR and/or the Caribbean. Compelling volume of capital to invest.)

Tier 2 Prospect

(Strong potential candidate for investment in the CLME+ region, due to alignment with either a) thematic or b) geographic focus of the entity or institution).

Tier 3 Prospect

(Notional/weaker alignment between CLME+ objectives and focal areas & geographies and those of the entity/institution) ”

The color of Name & Type of Entity, indicates the type of TIER.

Blue Economy Strategies in the CLME+

Corporate Activity

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