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  • Full Name Prospective Member Organization
  • Organization鈥檚 ACRONYM
  • Special Conditions
  • Title of the primary contact
  • Designation/Role in the Organization
  • Upload Contact Avatar
  • Title of the contact
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Designation/Role in the Organization
  • Contact Email
  • Organization Website Link
    Organization - Countries in which they work
  • Actions related to the CLME+ SAP
    Check box of concerned LMEs: CLME and NBLME
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  • CLME+ Partnership Membership Pledge

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  • Organizations鈥 Secondary Contact

  • Partner List

  • Document Library Adresses

    Please input all the web adresses for the document library of the organization
  • Phone Number
  • Contact Phone
  • Provide a brief description of your organization and its role in the CLME+ region (this description will be featured on the "Partners" section of the CLME+ Hub) (max 250 characters)

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