Strengthening Transboundary Cooperation with Legislators for Marine Governance    Facilitating Dialogue and Strengthening Transboundary Cooperation with Legislators to Improve Marine Governance verify

Brief Description:
The Parliamentary Conservation Caucus model will be leveraged to raise awareness amongst legislators on blue economy opportunities and Large Marine Ecosystem (LME) Strategic Action Programmes (SAPs), as well as facilitate regional cooperation towards enhanced transboundary marine governance in Latin America and the Caribbean, East Africa, and Southeast Asia. In the Wider Caribbean specifically, active Conservation Caucuses in the Parliaments of Colombia and Mexico will be engaged to strengthen national and regional policy that promotes the implementation of the Cartagena Convention, CLME+ SAP, and other national and/or regional initiatives to strengthen marine conservation.

El modelo del Caucus de Conservación Parlamentaria se aprovechará para crear conciencia entre los legisladores sobre las oportunidades de la economía azul y los Programas de Acción Estratégica (SAP) de los Grandes Ecosistemas Marinos (LME), así como para facilitar la cooperación regional hacia una mejor conservación marina transfronteriza en América Latina y el Caribe, Oriente África y el sudeste asiático. En el Gran Caribe específicamente, los Caucus de Conservación activos en los Parlamentos de Colombia y México se involucrarán para fortalecer la política nacional y regional que promueve la implementación de la Convención de Cartagena, CLME + SAP y otras iniciativas nacionales y / o regionales para fortalecer la gobernanza marina.
Lead Organization : ICCF Group
Donor: GEF
Project ID: 10426
Geographic Scope: Multicountry (global)
Project Status: Ongoing
   Last Update: 04/12/2020

Start Date: 2020-04-01
End Date: 2022-04-01
Official Project Document: International-Waters-GEF-10426-Project-Document.pdf
Project Profile Manager: Olivia Blanchette
Contact Email:
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Grant (USD): $1,999,415.00
Total co-financing (USD): $2,000,000.00
(Co) financing not originating from GEF:
Participating Country(s):
 Colombia  Mexico
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