PROCARIBE+    Protecting and Restoring the Ocean’s natural CApital to support post-covid Recovery and to drive region-wide Investments towards a sustainable Blue Economy verify

Brief Description:
The proposed project\'s objective is: \"To protect, restore and harness the coastal and marine natural capital of the CLME+ region to catalyze investments in climate-resilient, sustainable post-covid blue socio-economic development, through a strengthened regional ocean governance framework and wide-ranging partnerships\" The proposed project is expected to consist of 4 major components: 1) Consolidating the regional, multi-level framework for interactive, participatory and integrated ocean governance in the CLME+ region (incl. the operationalization of a regional \"ocean governance coordination mechanism\", as well as the development of the next iteration of the 10-year regional Strategic Action Programme (SAP)) 2) Enhance the capacity of national governance arrangements for the implementation of ecosystem-based management (EBM) and the ecosystem approach to fisheries (EAF) and to create an enabling environment for sustainable oceans-based investments. 3) Advancing marine-based sustainable socio-economic development opportunities through targeted stress reduction and resilience-building measures, and enhanced creation of blue economy investment opportunities. 4) Region-wide multi-level knowledge generation, management, sharing and dissemination mechanisms in place, to facilitate awareness raising and enhanced decision-making for interactive, participatory and integrated ocean governance, in support of sustainable, climate resilient and gender-sensitive blue socio-economic development. It is expected that, either directly or indirectly, all countries and territories* from the Wider Caribbean (*and their mother countries) will participate in and/or benefit from PROCARIBE+.
Lead Organization : UNDP
Donor: GEF
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Geographic Scope: Multicountry (regional)
Project Status: Hard Pipeline
   Last Update: 13/11/2020

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Project Profile Manager: Patrick Debels
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Grant (USD): $0.00
Total co-financing (USD): $0.00
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