Protecting and Restoring the Ocean’s natural CApital to support post-covid Recovery and to drive region-wide Investments towards a sustainable Blue Economy - CLME+ HUB

PROCARIBE+    Protecting and Restoring the Ocean’s natural Capital, building Resilience and supporting region-wide Investments for sustainable Blue socio-Economic development verify

Brief Description:
The proposed project's objective is: "Protecting, restoring and harnessing the natural coastal and marine capital of the Caribbean and North Brazil Shelf Large Marine Ecosystems to catalyze investments in a climate-resilient, sustainable post-covid Blue Economy, through strengthened regional coordination and collaboration, and wide-ranging partnerships" The proposed project is expected to consist of 4 major components: 1) Region-wide multi-stakeholder cooperation, coordination, collaboration and communication for the protection, restoration and sustainable use of marine and coastal ecosystems in the Caribbean and North Brazil Shelf Large Marine Ecosystems (EBM approach) 2) Enabling national environments for the protection, restoration and sustainable use of coastal and marine resources (EBM/EAF) 3) Catalyzing actions by all sectors of society, at different spatial scales, for the protection, restoration and sustainable use of marine and coastal natural capital (“blue economies”) 4) Region-wide data/knowledge generation, management and sharing mechanisms supporting cooperation, coordination, collaboration and synergistic action It is expected that, either directly or indirectly, all countries and territories* from the Wider Caribbean (*and their mother countries) will participate in and/or benefit from PROCARIBE+.
Lead Organization : UNDP
Donor: GEF
Project ID:
Geographic Scope: Multicountry (regional)
Project Status: Hard Pipeline
   Last Update: 19/02/2021

Start Date:
End Date:
Project Profile Manager: Patrick Debels
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Grant (USD): $0.00
Total co-financing (USD): $0.00
(Co) financing not originating from GEF:
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