Strengthening Fisheries and Aquaculture Governance in the Bahamas - CLME+ HUB

    Strengthening Fisheries and Aquaculture Governance in the Bahamas

Brief Description:
Capacity building, training and awareness building activities were carried out for relevant authorities, and a functional FISMIS was created. Various workshops were held to ensure the widest possible participation of stakeholders in the development of a new policy and legal framework for fisheries and aquaculture for the country. Processes to establish aquaculture businesses were developed and assessments of the economic potential for aquaculture development and the socio-economic impact of recreational fisheries were carried out. Additional resources were mobilized in order to support on-going aquaculture development assistance and an increased commitment to sustainable fisheries and aquaculture development was built.

Se llevaron a cabo actividades de creaci贸n de capacidad, formaci贸n y concienciaci贸n para las autoridades pertinentes y se cre贸 un FISMIS funcional. Se llevaron a cabo varios talleres para asegurar la participaci贸n m谩s amplia posible de las partes interesadas en el desarrollo de un nuevo marco pol铆tico y legal para la pesca y la acuicultura para el pa铆s. Se desarrollaron procesos para establecer negocios de acuicultura y se llevaron a cabo evaluaciones del potencial econ贸mico para el desarrollo de la acuicultura y el impacto socioecon贸mico de la pesca recreativa. Se movilizaron recursos adicionales para apoyar la asistencia en curso para el desarrollo de la acuicultura y se construy贸 un mayor compromiso con el desarrollo sostenible de la pesca y la acuicultura.
Lead Organization : FAO/WECAFC
Donor: FAO
Project ID: TCP/BHA/3501(D)
Geographic Scope: National
Project Status: Completed
   Last Update: 25/01/2021

Start Date: 2014-03-03
End Date: 2016-02-29
Project Profile Manager: Raymon Vananrooy
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:
Partners: Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources, local governments, private sector fisheries and aquaculture businesses
Grant (USD): $469,000.00
Total co-financing (USD): $0.00
(Co) financing not originating from GEF:
Participating Country(s):
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