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SAP Strategy 4 - Enhance the governance arrangements for ecosystem-based management for reefs and associated ecosystems

Filtered actions
PRIORITY ACTIONSOver-arching Assessment?CustodianProgress StatusLevel of SubjectivityNarrativeLast AssessedContributing Project(s)
4.1 Strengthen the formal cooperation between OSPESCA and CCAD for implementing the EBM/EAF approachYESOSPESCACompletedMediumMemorandum of Understanding between CCAD and OSPESCANov-12
4.2 Establish and/or enhance the cooperation between environmental, fisheries and other relevant agencies within CARICOM for implementing the EBM/EAF approach
4.3 Establish, strengthen and harmonize, (sub-)regional and/or fisheries-specific initiatives to combat IUU fishing by combining compliance measures (Monitoring Control and Surveillance plus awareness building among consumers & producers) with the provision of alternative livelihoodsYESOSPESCAGood progressHighAt the level of the sub-region there is a Regional Regulation for IUU Fishing; a strategy. It has collaborated in the elaboration of the IUU Fishing Plan of WECAFC. There was a questionnaire issued to all WECAFC countries on IUU and ability to implement the approved RPOA. September 10, 2020FAO-OSPESCA Agreement
4.4 Coordinate and enhance (sub-)regional and national efforts for the conservation of the biodiversity of reef and associated habitats, including through the strengthening of networks of marine protected areas (MPAs), and initiatives for sustainable reef fisheries* such as programmes dealing with alien invasive speciesNOCANARIGood progressMediumCapacity building of 20 CSOs (including FFOs) and 13 community SMEs in progress. Small grants facility set up under CANARI鈥檚 Caribbean Sea Innovation Fund (CarSIF) disbursed 鈧200,000 in grants to 9 CSOs and 8 SMEs to support practical initiatives for biodiversity conservation and sustainable livelihoods in MPAs and coastal areas.September 17, 2020PISCES
4.5 Develop and implement initiatives for sustainable livelihoods by building capacity for diversification, fostering and facilitating viable alternative sources of Decent Work and/or improved incomes, and creating added value (e.g. through marketing and sales)NOOSPESCAGood progressLowIt works together with OIRSA for the implementation of the traceability standard of fishery productsSep-17Ecolangosta+, ResCA Langosta
4.6 Establish and/or enhance the institutional structure and capacity of (sub-)regional and national arrangements for implementing management and conservation measures for reef ecosystemsNOUNEP CEPGood progressLowThrough the revitalization of GCRMN_ICRI, the Secretariat has been able to finalize a set of guidelines to enhance monitoring along with continued steps for improved training and capacity buildingDec-18
4.7 Strengthen the capacity of Regional Fisheries Bodies to engage and build capacity among member States to implement the EBM/EAF approach, through National Action Plans (NAPs), data/information management and analysis, and operationalisation of national intersectoral coordination and consultation mechanisms that include science-policy interfacesNOOSPESCAGood progressLowOSPESCA has signed MoU and agreed to an action plan with CRFM since 2014 and is part of the ICM Agreementago-14Ecolangosta+, ResCA Langosta
4.8 Operationalise and strengthen interlinked Decision Support Systems (DSSs) for the protection of reefs and associated ecosystems and for the sustainable management of associated living marine resourcesNOUNEP CEPGood progressLowFacilitated throught the SPAW EBM Project funded by the Government of ItalyApr-19EBM Project

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