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SAP Sub-strategy 4A - Enhance the governance arrangements for for implementing an ecosystem approach for spiny lobster fisheries

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PRIORITY ACTIONSOver-arching Assessment?CustodianProgress StatusLevel of SubjectivityNarrativeLast AssessedContributing Project(s)
4A.1 Establish, strengthen, and coordinate arrangements between the FAO-WECAFC, OSPESCA, UNEP-SPAW, and CRFM for harmonizing the spiny lobster fishery governance and management throughout the CLME+ regionNOOSPESCAModerate progressMediumWithin the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding for Interim Coordination on Sustainable Fisheries between CRFM, COPACO and OSPESCA, the actions agreed upon in each organization and jointly for the governance of the Caribbean lobster are monitored.August 2019CLME (Subproject MASPLESCA), CLME+ (Sub-project Ecolangosta+)
4A.2 Evaluate and expand, as applicable, the geographic scope of the governance arrangement operated by OSPESCA, taking into consideration both the perspectives of species range (ecosystem approach) and of common marketsNOOSPESCAGood progressMediumThe regional OSPESCA regulations contained in Regulation OSP 02 09 for the management of the regional lobster fishery of the Caribbean have been adopted by the Declaration of St. George. The coverage of the Regional Plan for Fisheries Management of the Caribbean Lobster (MARPLESCA Plan) to the WECAFC region has been updated and expanded.August 2019Ecolangosta+, ResCA Langosta
4A.3 Strengthen and achieve full implementation of policy cycles under the existing sub-regional governance arrangements for the management of the spiny lobster fisheries, including linkages with organizations working on the environmental protection of reefs and associated ecosystemsNOOSPESCACompletedLowParticipation in the update of the Implementation Plan for the Regional Climate Change Strategy 2018-2020. Both organizations participate in the SAP ICMAugust 2019
4A.4 Operationalise and strengthen a DSS for the spiny lobster fisheries (including linkages to the DSS for the protection and sustainable management of reefs and associated living marine resources)NOOSPESCAModerate progressMediumSupport to countries in the methodology for data collection and analysis for the evaluation of Caribbean lobster stocks (MARPLESCA Plan), and its implementation in a computer platform. With support from OIRSA, we work on the traceability standard of fishery products and the computer platform.August 2019Ecolangosta+, ResCA Langosta

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