SAP Sub-strategy 5A - Enhance the governance arrangements for implementing the ecosystem approach for flyingfish fisheries

Filtered actions
PRIORITY ACTIONSOver-arching Assessment?CustodianProgress StatusLevel of SubjectivityNarrativeLast AssessedContributing Project(s)
5A.1 Strengthen the FAO-WECAFC and CRFM sub-regional arrangement for the assessment and management of the flyingfish fisheries including the establishment of a decision-making capacity for managementYESCRFM SecretariatGood progressMediumThe CRFM Ministerial Sub-Committee on Flyingfish had an active role in reviewing the updated flyingfish fisheries management plan, which incorporated new information generated under the project and the views and suggestions of the range of stakeholders who were engaged in dialogue at varying levels in the development of updated management recommendations. This fisheries management plan is to be carried forward for approval by the CRFM Ministerial Council. While no NICs, FACs are operational, other entities performing similar roles were facilitated in discussion of the EAF, critical issues pertaining to flyingfish management and development of Management Plans. Data policy approved. Online bibliographic database/data repository for information sharing is operational on CRFM website. Stock assessment of flyingfish has been updated11 Sep 2019CLME+
5A.2 Establish and operationalise a formal agreement between the CRFM and France on the management of the flyingfish fisheriesYESCRFM SecretariatModerate progressMediumDraft coperation agreement for the management of living marine resources (including flyingfish) has been developed with input from stakeholders (including some French). Final negotiation of agreement to be done11 Sep 2019CLME+
5A.3 Operationalise and strengthen an integrated, sub-regional decision support system (DSS) for the flyingfish fisheries (in coordination with the large pelagics arrangements)NOCRFM SecretariatModerate progressLowStakeholder access to data and information of relevance to application of the EAF assessment and management of eastern Caribbean flyingfish and improved availability of data and information to the global community Improved by development of an on-line bibliographic database and data repository housed on the CRFM website. a multi-objective assessment of the eastern Caribbean flyingfish fisheries has been produced. A gender-sensitive valuation of the current and potential future contribution of flyingfish and associated pelagic fisheries to food security, income and employment and ecosystem goods and services, with recommendations for enhancement of the livelihoods and improvement of the conditions of work for fishers and processors, has been carried out. Evaluation of management performance at the national for four Member States and at the regional level; and impact assessment tool have been developed to allow continuous monitoring of management effectiveness. Key data and information requirements, associated sources of data and information and the mechanisms for data and information sharing at the regional, national, sectoral and local levels have been identified, to inform development of a DSS. A sub-regional data policy that imposes an obligation on the part of Member States to share data and information to improve the knowledge base for management decision-making, has been approved by the Ministerial Sub-Committee on Flyingfish.11 Sep 2019
5A.4 Strengthen the FAO-WECAFC and CRFM capacity to develop, adopt and implement management and conservation measures for the flyingfish fisheries (full policy cycle implementation)NOCRFM SecretariatModerate progressMediumA review of existing national fisheries legislation has been carried out and model legislation including model national vessel licensing regulations have been formulated. Estimate existing fishing effort and fishing capacity developed. Recommendations for further development of national data collection systems in support of the EAF assessment and management of the eastern Caribbean Flyingfish fishery have been proposed.11 Sep 2019
5A.5 Implement the CRFM/FAO-WECAFC Sub-Regional Management Plan for flyingfish fisheries in the Eastern CaribbeanNOCRFM SecretariatGood progressLowSub-regional Fisheries Management Plan has been updated and endorsed by Caribbean Fisheries Forum. Process for finalisation of FMP approved by Ministerial-Sub-committee of Flyingfish11 Sep 2019
5A.6 Develop and implement education and awareness building initiatives to improve understanding and enhanced stakeholder commitment and participation in planning and decision-making in the flyingfish fisheriesNOCRFM SecretariatGood progressLowVideo-documentary on flyigfish fishery; policy briefs targetting stakeholders; communication strategy; infograaphics developed. 2 KAP studies done in support of awareness building and guage levels of awareness; stakeholder consultations held to build awareness of, and also solicit input into, (updated/revised) sub-regional flyingsish management plan11 Sep 2019

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