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SAP Sub-strategy 5B - Enhance the governance arrangements for implementing an ecosystem approach for large pelagic fisheries

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PRIORITY ACTIONSOver-arching Assessment?CustodianProgress StatusLevel of SubjectivityNarrativeLast AssessedContributing Project(s)
5B.1 Establish key agreements and operationalise arrangements among organizations with a stake in large pelagics fisheries in order to implement EAFNOBasic progressLowAt the 17 Session of WECAFC, in the USA, in July 2019, the Commission agreed to expand the mandate of the existing Joint Working Group on Flying Fish in the Eastern Caribbean to incorporate flying fish, dolphinfish and other pelagic species not managed by ICCAT 09/12/2019
5B.2 Strengthen the capacity of the (sub-)regional organizations and enhance the full implementation of the large pelagics fisheries policy cycle
5B.3 Strengthen the Region´s position in the ICCAT decision making process through enhanced intra-regional coordination and cooperation
5B.4 Operationalise and strengthen an integrated, sub-regional decision support system (DSS) for the large pelagic fisheries (in coordination with the flyingfish arrangements)