STRATEGY 1 - Action 1.1

Establish and operationalise a formal agreement for coordinated action with Brazil
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YESUNEP CEPRegionalBrazil is not a signatory to the Cartagena Convention nor does it fall within the legal scope of the Convention Area. However there is strong connectivity between the North Brazil shelf LME and the Caribbean LME with transboundary pollution originating in Brazil affecting other parts of the Wider Caribbean Region. This activity should result in a formal mechanism for cooperation between UN Environment CEP and the Government of Brazil proposed initially through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Cartagena Convention Secretariat and the Government of Brazil. Once signed, consideration would be given to the expansion of the legal scope of the Cartagena Convention to include the North Brazil Shelf LME. Basic progressLowUN Environment CEP and the Brazilian Government have jointly worked on draft content for the MoU to facilitate improved collaboration. This was preceded by formal missions and participation by delegates from the Government of Brazil at meetings of the Catagena Convention Secretariat. Despite repeated efforts, the process is currently stalled due to what appears to be a lack of continued interest by the Government of Brazil following a recent change in Administration.09/13/2019[UN Environment CEP to copy-paste link to the draft MoU here (if/as applicable)]CLME+Christopher Corbin

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