STRATEGY 1 - Action 1.8

Establish and/or increase the capacity of (sub-)regional organizations and countries for integrating the management of terrestrial drainage basins with the management of the marine recipient basins and coastal development (CLME and NBSLME)
Over-arching Assessment?CustodianGeographic ScopeProvide the organization's interpretation of the SAP Action's specific meaningProgress StatusLevel of SubjectivityNarrativeLast AssessedDocumentationContributing Project(s)Creator
NOUNEP CEPRegionalPromote through targeted training and capacity building concepts such as "Ridge to Reef", "Integrated Watershed and Coastal Zone Management", "Source to Sea" , "Ecosystem Based Management" and "Marine Spatial Planning" and "Integrated Land Use Management". This is well understood within a SIDS context and efforts may focus more on continental countries as far as promotion of the concept.Moderate progressMediumThis has been the core fucs of multiple GEF and other projects particularly in SIDS. While the concept is well understood and appreciated in SIDS, more work is needed in continental countries and in the establishment and operationalization of transboundary commissions. More integration is needed between Land Use Planning, Marine Spatial Planning and ecosystem Based Management approaches.09/13/2019 Links to be providedIWECOChristopher Corbin
NOCCADSub-regional Moderate progressMediumMAR2R

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