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STRATEGY 2 - Action 2.1

Over-arching Assessment?CustodianGeographic ScopeCustodian's Interpretation of the ActionProgress StatusLevel of SubjectivityNarrativeLast AssessedContributing Project(s)Creator
YesRegionalCompletedLowMOU formally establishing the Interim Coordination Mechanism for Sustainable Fisheries (FICM) was established through an MOU signed by three Regional Fisheries Bodies (CRFM, OSPESCA and WECAFC-FAO) in January 2016. The MOU seeks to enhance the regional governance for sustainable fisheries. To date, 12 meetings of the FICM have taken place with the last meeting held in April 2021. In December 2020 the three Regional Fisheries Bodies agreed to a 5 year extension of the Fisheries ICM MOU to January 2026. 05/12/2021CLME+Laverne Walker

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