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The Partnership

What is the Partnership?

The “Global Partnership for the Sustainable Management, Use and Protection of the Caribbean and North Brazil Shelf Large Marine Ecosystems” (CLME+ Partnership) is an interactive, responsive, dynamic and evolving, voluntary non-legally binding long-term partnership arrangement for the stakeholders of the marine environment of the CLME+ region. The CLME+ Partnership brings together stakeholders from: Governments, Governmental Institutions, Inter-Governmental Organizations (IGO’s), Civil Society, Private Sector, Academia, Communities and Influential Individuals, Financial Institutions and the Donor and Development Aid Community, at various levels, to work as complements of each other, act collaboratively and in a coordinated manner, and bring into full play the formal mandate or role, and comparative advantages of each stakeholder, to jointly deliver on the Partnership’s Mission and Objectives.


The Partnership’s mission is to improve interactive and cooperative ocean governance, for example through the integrated management of the shared living marine resources of the CLME+ region.

Specific Objectives

Partnership Members will coordinate, collaborate, fund, create synergies and linkages, avoid overlap and strive for complementarity, cost-effectiveness and cost-efficiency, and acquire enhanced oversight of the many efforts and initiatives on the marine environment in the CLME+ region, in order to jointly improve the governance of the CLME+ region as a socio-ecological system, and to promote and contribute to the sustainable management, use and protection of associated living marine resources. The Partnership will: support the work of inter-governmental organizations with a formal mandate for the protection and sustainable use of the marine environment of the CLME+ region in the implementation of these formal mandates and the successful execution of associated work programmes, and promote and secure the engagement of, and up-scaling of actions by all sectors of society;


The CLME+ Partnership Core Membership consists of (a) the countries that have formally endorsed the CLME+ SAP, and (b) the Parties to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that establishes and governs the “Interim Coordination Mechanism for the Sustainable Management, Use and Protection of shared Living Marine Resources in the Caribbean and North Brazil Shelf Large Marine Ecosystems”, (“CLME+ SAP ICM” or “ICM”).

The CLME+ SAP ICM will invite key stakeholders to become a Subscribing Member of the CLME+ Partnership. Membership of the CLME+ Partnership will comprise interested and active stakeholders from within the CLME+ region and from around the Globe who:
  • subscribe to, and commit to actively, consistently and substantially contribute to the achievement of the long-term Vision articulated under Item 5, in line with the Goal, Mission, Specific Objectives and Scope of the Partnership articulated under Items 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10;
  • acknowledge in this context the need to embrace the concepts of, and support through their actions the adoption and implementation across the CLME+ region of: Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) and/or an Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries (EAF);
  • acknowledge the importance of, and commit to adhere to and apply and/or promote, to the extent possible, the key guiding principles for good living marine resources management formulated under the 2015-2025 CLME+ SAP;
  • agree and commit to support and contribute, to the extent possible, to the implementation of CLME+ SAP Strategies and Priority Actions, and/or those of associated Programmes, Projects and Initiatives, based on and in alignment with their formal mandates, skills & experience and /or comparative advantages;and
  • agree and commit to communicate on and coordinate such action with relevant Members of the CLME+ Partnership, in particular relevant parties under the Core Membership.
The CLME+ Partnership Membership includes two types of Members: Core Members:
  • the CLME+ countries and territories that have politically endorsed the 2015-2025 CLME+ SAP or any future revisions or updates thereof, as applicable1;
  • the Parties to the MoU that establishes the CLME+ SAP ICM
further also referred to as “Core Constituting Members”, or “Core Membership” Subscribing Members:
  • other Members; these can include a wide range of stakeholders such as: Governments, (Inter-)Governmental Organizations and Entities, Universities, Research Centers, Educational Organizations, Civil institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), UN agencies, Private Companies and Entities, Associations of Marine Resources Users, Donors, Development Partners and Development Banks, the Media, influential individuals, etc.
Membership cost: No [administrative] cost is associated with the Membership Subscription & Acceptance process: Save in the case of the Core Members, who are members by virtue of either their endorsement of the CLME+ SAP or their participation in the CLME+ SAP ICM, Membership of the CLME+ Partnership is formalized through the signing and formal submission by the invited prospective member to the CLME+ Partnership Secretariat, and the subsequent signing for acceptance by this Secretariat, of a copy of Annex 1: “CLME+ PARTNERSHIP Member Subscription & Acceptance Form”.

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