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Working Groups in the CLME+ Region

Spiny Lobster

Using a multidisciplinary approach, the working group contributes to the sustainable conservation and management of the Caribbean spiny lobster fisheries. In pursuing this goal, the聽 will contribute to the fulfilment of national and regional responsibilities for the management of Caribbean spiny lobster stock and related or interacting species or fisheries in the WECAFC region under the code of conduct for responsible fisheries, and in accordance with agreed, documented management goals including ensuring the livelihoods of the people depending on these resources.

Queen Conch

The scope of the working group is to provide scientific and management advice for the sustainable management of the shrimp and groundfish resources of the Northern Brazil-Guianas shelf in the WECAFC Region. Using a multidisciplinary approach the working group will contribute to the sustainable management of the shrimp and groundfish resources of the Brazil-Guianas shelf by providing management advice to Members of WECAFC based on the best available knowledge.

Shrimp & Groundfish

Spawning Aggregations

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