Joint Statement CLME+ ICM 7th Meeting on March 2020 - CLME+ HUB


CLME+ Interim Coordination Mechanism Joint Statement    March 2020 


From 18 to 20 March 2020, the Members and Secretariat of the CLME+ Interim Coordination Mechanism (ICM) for integrated Ocean Governance in the wider Caribbean convened for a 7th time. In light of the ongoing novel coronavirus crisis, the meeting was held via teleconference.

The mechanism, with as members UNEP CEP, FAO-WECAFC, IOCARIBE of the IOC of UNESCO, CRFM, OSPESCA, CCAD, OECS Commission, and the CAfRICOM Secretariat, met to revise its collaborative agenda for 2020.

At the occasion of the meeting, the ICM calls to reflect on the critical importance of duly protecting and sustainably managing our oceans and seas: Healthy Seas will allow coastal countries and the peoples of the Wider Caribbean to better prevent and overcome the potentially dramatic impacts from disasters, be these caused by a global pandemic or a consequence of climate change.


  • Reiterated its commitment to the further implementation of the 10-year CLME+ Strategic Action Programme (2015-2025) for the Protection and Sustainable Use of the Marine Environment; 
  • Agreed to continue efforts to further consolidate the regional coordination mechanism, with the aim of providing long-term support towards oceans-based sustainable development in the Wider Caribbean;
  • Agreed to support enhanced collaboration and synergies among national, sub-regional and regional ocean-related projects;
  • Adopted the CLME+ Hub ( as a common knowledge management platform for the Wider Caribbean. 

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