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Adapting to a new reality: Managing responses to influxes of Sargassum seaweed in the Eastern Caribbean as ecosystem hazards and opportunities

The project is aimed to reduce the impacts of and improve adaptation to sargassum influxes in the Eastern Caribbean with emphasis on converting a climate-linked ecosystem hazard into an asset that supports opportunities for socio-economic development. It is comprised by three components: 1) To dev...


Adaptive capacity for MPA governance in the eastern Caribbean

The objective of this project was to strengthen adaptive capacity building for the governance of MPAs in the eastern Caribbean based on resilience thinking in: 1) Develop the adaptive capacity of key stakeholders in Grenada for MPA governance mainly through four linked training workshops with follow...


Agreement Establishing – The Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism

This Document Shows the Agreement Establishing The Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism....


Aguas Residuales El recurso Desaprovechado – Informe Mundial de las Naciones Unidas sobre el Desarrollo de los Recursos HĂ­dricos 2017

En la edición 2017 del Informe Mundial de las Naciones Unidas sobre el Desarrollo de los Recursos Hídricos (WWDR) se analiza la temática de aguas residuales y su potencial como recurso sostenible. En el Informe Mundial sobre Desarrollo de los Recursos Hídricos 2017 se demuestra que una mejor ...


Aguas Residuales: De Residuo a Recurso

A nivel mundial, la mayor parte de las aguas residuales no se recoge ni se somete a ningĂşn tratamiento. Las aguas residuales son un recurso valioso, pero a menudo son vistas como una carga de la que hay que deshacerse. Es necesario cambiar esta percepciĂłn....


Amendment to the Fisheries ICM Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

This document contents the signed amendment to the Fisheries ICM Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)...


An integrated approach to water and waste water management using innovative solutions and promoting financing mechanisms in the Wider Caribbean Region

To implement innovative technical small-scale solutions in the Wider Caribbean Region using an integrated water and wastewater management approach building on sustainable financing mechanisms piloted through the Caribbean Regional Fund for Wastewater Management. ...


Análisis de la gobernanza de la actividad pesquera en la provincia de Montecristi

La gobernanza se refiere a los procesos de toma de decisiones y sus implementaciones. Su análisis se concentra en los actores formales e informales que están involucrados en dichos procesos.  Algunos sostienen que la gobernanza está  ligada a los procesos de interacción entre los actores invol...


Annex 2: Supplementary Reference Materials



Annex 3A. Characterization Form for Defining the Costs and Benefits of Domestic Wastewater Management– Isla Colon, Panama

Define and map the study area including key geographic and land use data to identify wastewater pollution and other water pollution pathways and populations of interest....


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