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A discussion paper for the CLME Project Concept/ TDASynthesis Workshop

The purpose of this outline document is to develop a shared vision for the Full Sized Project which is key an objective of the PDF-B project. Reviewing the Concept Paper the key features of the Full Sized Project are: - Through the mechanism of the Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis, to characteri...


A Fisheries Ecosystem-based approach to the development of Transboundary Diagnostic Analyses and a region-wide Strategic Action Programme

A preliminary Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA) for the Caribbean LME and adjacent North Brazil Shelf LME was developed during the PDF B phase of the CLME project. Given the complexity and diversity of the region in terms of its biogeophysical, socioeconomic, legislative and cultural character...


A Handbook on Governance and Socioeconomics of Large Marine Ecosystems

The primary purpose of this Handbook is to serve as a practical guide to innovators of governanceand socioeconomics in Large Marine Ecosystem (LME) projects. Based on a Global EnvironmentalFacility IW:LEARN-sponsored workshop for 11 LME programs,1 the Handbook is designed to beused in short courses ...


A Research Agenda for the Wider Caribbean Region

Science and Research Serving Effective Ocean Governance in the Wider Caribbean Region The principal that decisions regarding conservation and management of living marine resources should be based on the ‚Äėbest available scientific evidence‚Äô (BASE) is enshrined in the UN Convention on the Law of ...


A Review of LME-Related Partnerships and their Achievements

The objective of this report is to review the existing global experiences relating to the establishment of strategic alliances and formal partnerships for improved management, in particular within the context of ocean governance, the management of shared living marine and the effective and collabora...


A video introduction to Future Fishers – an NGO in Trinidad and Tobago that seeks to empower local stakeholders to understand the value and benefits of managing coastal and marine resources sustainably

Future Fishers is a non-governmental organisation; founded in 2017 and based on the northeast coast of Trinidad, that seeks to empower local stakeholders to understand the value and benefits of managing coastal and marine resources sustainably. In 2019, Future Fishers undertook an assessment of m...


A Vision for protecting marine resources across the caribbean biological corridor

The primary goal of this project was to set in motion a tri-state marine action plan that identifies common problems across the region, consolidating information, and gathering stakeholder inputfor responding to marine biodiversity loss and climate change adaptation needs from a marine corridor pers...


Acciones en el sector pesquero y acuícola ante la enfermedad COVID-19

#OSPESCA: Cada uno de los actores a nivel gubernamental y en cada eslabón de la cadena de la pesca y la acuicultura, vienen realizando acciones importantes que contribuyen de manera significativa en el proceso de suministros de pescado en pro de la seguridad alimentaria y en beneficio de los pescad...



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Action Plan for the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration in Latin America and the Caribbean

This document describes the Action Plan that the region wishes to undertake for the next ten years promote, improve, accelerate and scale up ecosystem restoration in the region. It is a regional level voluntary effort that focuses on cooperation mechanisms and enabling conditions designed to effecti...


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