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  •     Conserving Species and Sites of International Importance by the Eradication of Invasive Species in the Caribbean UK Overseas Territories

  •     Assessing the utility of lionfish traps for preserving biodiversity by managing invasive populations

  •     Best of sharks and rays in Saint-Barths: To improve the knowledge on sharks and rays and their conservation status in Saint Barth茅lemy and inform the adjustment of existing, and development of new conservation measures

  • CARIPES    Quantification of ecosystem services provided by marine protected areas in the Caribbean with a view to their payment

  • CRMCMB    Coastal Resources Management and Conservation of Marine Biodiversity in the Caribbean

  •     Conserving Biodiversity and reducing habitat degradation in Protected Areas and their Buffer Zones

  •     Pop-Up Nursery and Coral Restoration: To restore Elkhorn coral populations in a low biodiversity reef area within the Bonaire National Marine Park (BNMP) boundaries and increase species abundance and genotypic diversity

  •     Promoting and enhancing the ecological and economic value of Anguilla鈥檚 marine parks: piloting the Little Bay Marine Park restoration

  •     Improving the management of the invasive lionfish (Pterois volitans) by determining movement patterns and depth preference

  •     Scaling-up Efforts to Rehabilitate Threatened Coral Communities Using Recruits Reared from Wild-caught Gametes

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