A Healthy Marine Environment…for Better Lives

Welcome to the CLME+ HUB for the wider Caribbean:

A regional, collaborative platform providing access to information, knowledge, resources and tools to support all people and organizations working towards a healthier marine environment in the Caribbean and North Brazil Shelf Large Marine Ecosystems. We invite you to explore the Hub and discover exciting opportunities for coordination and collaboration.
Together, we achieve more!

The CLME+ Hub is a joint initiative of the Secretariat and members of the
CLME+ Coordination Mechanism for Integrated Ocean Governance

The wider Caribbean and CLME+

One of the most diverse and complex sets of Large Marine Ecosystems

Making History, Shaping the Future...

A timeline of major events leading to enhanced integrated Ocean Governance in the wider Caribbean

10-year Strategic Action Programme (SAP)

Strategic Action Programme (2015-2025) for the Sustainable Management of shared Living Marine Resources in the CLME+ region

People Managing Oceans

a Civil Society Strategic Action Programme (2020-2030)

Coordination Mechanism for Ocean Governance

8 Inter-Governmental Organizations joining forces

A Research Agenda for the wider Caribbean

Filling knowledge gaps to support better marine resources management

Towards a Sustainable Blue Economy

valuing, protecting and restoring our coastal and marine natural capital

State of the Marine Environment and associated Economies (SOMEE)

Marine Spatial Planning

towards better integrated coastal zone management

Marine Projects and Initiatives

Programmes, Projects and Initiatives supporting the CLME+ SAP

The United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda - Life under Water (SDG14)

Voluntary Commitments

Regional Commitments in support of Life Below Water

CLME+ Interim Coordination Mechanism and Secretariat

CLME+ Partnership - Prospective Partners

Countries of the Wider Caribbean Region (*)

*including overseas territories and the mother countries
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Welcome to SOMEE

SOMEE content is still under development and is therefore not yet available online. However, you can already check for sample text and materials under the sections marked with an asterisk (*)